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Ask him for everything

“When he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out“ (Mark 10:46-52)

When you hear the name “Jesus”, a lot of things can come to mind. You could think of a man who may or may not have lived 2000 years ago. You may think of a great teacher, similar to Buddha.

When Bartimaeus – the blind man in this Gospel passage – hears that Jesus was coming closer, he recognized Jesus as the one person who could and would fulfill his deepest longing: to have sight again.

When Jesus asks him what he wants, Bartimaeus entrusts this – his deepest desire – to Jesus. Most would probably have told him not to bother; the crowd in the Gospel clearly thinks he is wasting his time.

Bartimaeus could have settled for less. He could have asked for a guide dog, or someone to help him in his life, or for enough money to live off of for a while. If I think of the way I sometimes pray, this is what I might have done in his place. But it wouldn’t have been honest. His honest desire was to have his sight back.

This is what happens when we ask Jesus for everything. If we entrust to him our deepest and most honest desires as they are, our prayer life will become more interesting. There will be a new tension in our relationship with God – because we’ll know that he knows what we desire.