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Who should you follow

“Then they abandoned their nets and followed him.” Mk 1:18

Simon, Andrew, James and John left everything behind. They dropped everything they had been doing to follow Jesus.

Who or what do you “follow”? In other words, if there was something in your life that you would drop everything for, what would it be? You might say your work – or your boyfriend or girlfriend, or anything you’re passionate about.

What or whom should we follow? As Christians we believe that we are going to live forever. If what we believe is true, then you, with your name and with your personality, are going to live forever. And in that case, it would make sense for us to follow something, or someone, that will also be around with us for eternity.

To have work that you really enjoy doing, to have a good relationship, to have things in your life that you are passionate about – those are all really good and important things. But if we really are eternal beings, then it doesn’t make sense to “follow” these things, to put them first, because eventually they will be gone and you will still be around.

In last week’s Gospel we heard that Andrew – Simon’s brother – was one of the two that spent one day with Jesus. Maybe this was one of the things he recognized. Maybe he went back to his brother and told him, “this fishing thing is great, but it’s not the whole thing”.

What have you done today to take care of yourself as someone who will exist forever?

We may not need to do much – it could be ten minutes of reading the Gospel and being with Jesus in the morning, or looking back on the day with Him at night and being aware of and grateful for what is good in our lives. It could be taking time to enjoy a conversation with someone, instead of always rushing to the next thing we have to do. It could be asking a friend what they need prayers for and then praying for them.

So think of some ways to take care of yourself and others as spiritual beings. You can be creative – the only thing that’s really not an option is to do nothing!