Catholic Austria

Why another relationship?

“As the Father loves me, so I also love you. Remain in my love.” (from John 15:9-17)

What would you say are your deepest desires? Would you say that you have any?

One desire that you could have would be to be loved unconditionally; a desire for unconditional love. You could also desire to be joyful, and to be happy. You might also have a desire for a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

If you have these desires – for love, joy, happiness, meaning, and purpose – then the next question is, where will you find them? Where do you think you will find the fulfillment of these desires?

One thing that we can do is to look for the fulfillment of these desires in our relationships – meaning, we could expect other people to fulfill them. We can expect other people to love us unconditionally at all times, we can expect others to make us happy, we can expect another person to give our lives meaning and purpose.

And why wouldn’t we look there? If I look at my life, I have good friendships and relationships, and I would say that most of my desires are more or less satisfied; there aren’t really any “outstanding”, unfulfilled desires in my life. Why do I need another relationship, with God?

The reality is, although at times it might seem otherwise, that there is no human being, no friend, that can satisfy all of these desires perfectly and at all times. We all have limits. At some point we will probably fail, and at some point all of us will die.

In this Gospel, Jesus says: He loves you unconditionally, as you are. He desires your happiness and your joy, and he also knows what will really make you happy. He says he’s your friend – and for him this means that he would give up his life for you. He chooses you, he gives your life meaning and he gives you purpose. So He can fulfill these deepest desires.

You could still ask if it’s true that Jesus exists and that he can do all of this for you. I think the best thing to do is to make the effort to find out yourself and to see what happens in your life.

I started really trying to lead a relationship with God about a year and a half ago. I’m still not an expert, but I think I can say that if you begin a relationship with Him, then things will start changing in your life. Your relationship with yourself will improve, because you’ll know you are loved unconditionally by a God who desires your happiness and calls you his friend. Your relationships with others will improve, because you’ll be able to live more in the present, and you’ll start paying more attention to the desires and needs of others.  Your relationships will also become freer, because you won’t be putting unrealistic expectations on others.

If this Gospel is true, then it means that He is for you perfectly what another person could only be imperfectly. In the relationship with Him you can find a fulfillment of your deepest desires that you can’t find in the same way in any other relationship.